Piper Archer

Our Piper Archer is the perfect aircraft for aspiring pilots looking for a reliable and modern training experience. With its advanced avionics suite and powerful engine, the Piper Archer is ideal for flight training from Private Pilot to Flight Instructor certification. Come fly with us and see why the Piper Archer is the aircraft of choice for collegiate flight training!

Tecnam P2006T

Our Tecnam P2006T is the perfect aircraft for pilots looking for a high-winged twin-engined all-metal light aircraft for their flight training. With airworthiness certification from EASA and the FAA, our P2006T is safe, reliable, and a great choice for aspiring pilots. Come fly with us and experience the Tecnam difference!

Cessna C172

Cessna C172 is the most manufactured aircraft in history and the most popular training aircraft in the world, the Cessna 172 offers exceptional reliability, maneuverability, and safety features for flight training. With its high-wing design and single-engine configuration, students can gain valuable experience in both VFR and IFR conditions. Join us at Skynex Aero Flight Training and experience the advantages of training on the iconic Cessna 172.