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Drone Training

Skynex Aero offers a drone pilot training program for individuals interested in operating unmanned aerial systems (UAS). This program is designed to help individuals go beyond and hone their skills as a remote pilot. With this training, individuals can uncover their potential and fulfill their drone dreams. Let's celebrate the quest of drones together!

English Language proficiency

We offer English Language proficiency training to help aspiring and professional pilots with UK CAA RT Licenses renew their RTR permits. With our fully equipped ground school in New Delhi, we provide evaluation and ELP rating for Indian License holders to renew their UK RTR license.

Type rating

Skynex Aero offers Type Rating programs for aspiring pilots seeking certification to fly specific types of aircraft. Type rating is a must for professional pilots and compliance with ICAO regulations is mandatory. Our program prepares pilots for oral exams, flight tests, and practical standards, enabling them to obtain unrestricted type ratings.

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC)

Skynex Aero's MCC program provides comprehensive training for operating multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft. Students will develop non-technical skills such as teamwork, communication, and decision-making under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions. The 2-3 week course includes 3 days of technical CBT, 3 days of classroom training, and 5 full-flight simulator sessions covering topics such as situation awareness, workload management, and FMS use. Students will also practice task sharing, cross-checking, and checklist use.

Jet Orientation Training

Skynex Aero's Jet Orientation Course (JOC) facilitates the transition for trainee pilots from single-pilot aircraft to their first type rating on a multi-crew aircraft. The course provides theoretical knowledge, practice, and feedback on glass cockpit, jet engines, aerodynamics, basic jet flying, high altitude meteorology, and basic performance. The JOC is designed to closely integrate with the syllabus content of the full-flight simulator sessions.

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