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Private Pilot License(PPL)

The Private Pilot License program offered by SKYNEX spans over a period of 5 months, consisting of 2 months of ground classes and 3 months of flight training. The program covers a range of topics such as DGCA papers, air regulations, aviation meteorology, air navigation, and technical specifics. The flight training is conducted at Jalgaon, Maharashtra, where students will receive 50 hours of training in a single-engine aircraft.

Commercial Pilot License(CPL)

Skynex Aero's Commercial Pilot License program includes 3-4 months of ground training and 9 months of flight training. It covers DGCA papers, air regulations, aviation meteorology, air navigation, radio telephony, technical general, and technical specific. Flight training is conducted at Jalgaon, Maharashtra. 

License Conversion

Skynex Aero offers a 'License Conversion Course' for foreign CPL holders to convert to an Indian DGCA issued CPL for both single and multi-engine aircraft. The course includes additional flying prior to conducting checks for license renewal and expert guidance for the License Conversion Examination conducted by DGCA.

Multi Engine Endorsement & Instrument Rating

Skynex Aero's Multi Engine Rating program equips pilots with the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and confidently operate multi-engine aircraft. With this rating, you'll have the flexibility to fly a wider range of aircraft and take on more challenging flying opportunities.

Flight Instructor Rating

Our Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) program at Skynex Aero provides comprehensive training to Commercial Pilot Licence holders seeking to become certified Flight Instructors. Gain the skills needed to train the next generation of pilots.

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